Product Name:HDMI capture standalone+PC 1080P
Model Number:HV-HCA01
Model: Video Capture
  • This capture is a standalone 1080p video capture box to record HD videos or gameplay from any HDMI video source including Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo game consoles, family-video-discs/B-family-video-discs players, ST boxes, DSLR cameras, surgical cameras, etc onto your USB flash drive and mobile hard disk with just pressing one button. While keeping all functions of HD capture, with a specially-designed TO PC port on the video capture box as well as the bundled software HDML-Cloner Pro Helper, network-videos can be recorded to PC directly without capacity limit. The schedule recording feature in HDML-Cloner Pro Helper makes it possible to record videos automatically when you are away from home or at work.

    1.No need for PC. Capture any HD video or gameplay onto your USB flash drive or mobile hard disk.
    2.Optionally record and save a video continuously as a single file, not separated into several 2GB files (NTFS required), thus you don't need to merge them with video editing software anymore!
    3.Easy to use, press one button to record.
    4.Supports any HDMI video device including HD media player, ST box, surgical camera, FPV drone, DSLR camera, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo NES, Wii U, etc.
    5.TO PC port: Record videos or gameplay from any HDMI video source to your PC with bundled software HDML-Cloner Pro Helper and pause anytime during recording with only one click.
    6.Schedule Recording – Preset and record your favorite live family-video automatically when you are away from home or at work.
    7.VBS – Scan the QR code and sync the recorded videos on PC to your mobile phone or tablet for playback via LAN.
    8.Live network-video – works with 3rd party software such as OBS, XSplit to broadcast HD videos and gameplay. Share with your friends and subscribers.
    9.Record live commentary or voice-over with gameplay video together.
    10.Free MP4 video editing software – MP4-Cloner. Trim, combine, convert and burn your recorded videos.
    11.Free lifetime firmware and software upgrade.

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