Product Name:H.264 HDMI over IP Extender 200m
Model Number:HV-EX02
  • 1. Description
    The H.264 HDMI extender transmit HD video and audio over one cat5e/cat6 cable, over TCP/IP standard, support one to many application over Ethernet. At the same time, it’s more convenient with infrared extensions to make remote control.
    The equipment has excellent image processing and transmission capacity, makes signal transmission more smooth and steady, is a kind of economic and efficient way of HDMI signal extension.
    2. Features
    Transmits HDMI video and audio signals up to 200m over a single CAT/6 cable;   
    Support video resolution max up to 1920*1080@60Hz;
    Support IR signal transmission;
    Support over TCP/IP, one to many application with Ethernet switch/router.;
    Compliance with HDMI 1.3 and HDCP 1.2 standard;
    High compatibility, can auto-match source and display device;
    Built-in automatic adjustment system, make the image smooth, clear and stable;
    Built-in ESD protection system;
    Simple to install, plug and play;

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