Product Name:H.264 HDMI Video Encoder 4K
Model Number:HV-HE03
Model: Video Encoder/Decoder
    1).Support H.264 encoding.
    2).Support UDP, HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, ONVIF protocol.
    3).Support MPEG1 Audio Layer 2.
    4).CBR/VBR rate: 16Kbps~16Mbps.
    5).1000M network interface uses full duplex mode.
    6).Support up to 4K HD video input.
    7).Support image parameter settings.
    8).WEB interface management authority.
    9).Support remote management in WAN (WEB).
    10).Support resolution customized settings.
    11).Support one key to restore the factory configuration.

    Specifications Parameter
    Audio and video input Video input 1 channels HDMI
    Video coding Coding type H.264
    H.264 level Baseline /Main /High Optional
    Coded frame rate 5-60 Adjustable
    Key frame interval (frame) 5-300 Adjustable
    Bit rate (kbit) 32-32000 Adjustable
    Input resolution 3840x2160/1920x1080/1680x1056/1280x720/1024x576/850x480/720x576
    Coding resolution 3840x2160/1920x1080/1680x1056/1280x720/1024x576/850x480/720x576
    Code stream control CBR/VBR Optional
    flow RTMP/ RTSP /HTTP TS/HTTP FLV/HLS/UDP Multicast/RTP Multicast
    Audio coding Coded sample rate 44100/48000 Optional
    Coding method AAC/AAC+/AAC++/MP3/MP2/AC3 Optional
    Coding bit rate AAC:48000-256000 Adjustable/AAC+:24000-48000 Adjustable/
    AAC++:12000-32000 Adjustable/MP3:64000-320000 Adjustable/
    MP2: 64000-320000 Adjustable/ AC3:40000-640000 Adjustable
    Digital volume -50~50Adjustable
    RTSP stream use G711A code Disable/enable optional
    OSD transparency 0-128 Adjustable
    Types Text/picture/scroll text
    region 4 areas available
    X coordinate 0-1920
    Y coordinate 0-1200
    LOGO Upload 16 LOGO options
    font size 8-72
    Background color Transparent / white / black
    font color RGB color optional
    Others Network 1000M
    Configuration management Configuration management through WEB
    ONVIF Support ONVIF to browsing videos
    Power Adapter 12V/DC,2A
    Power consumption <5W
    Operating temperature -20℃+60℃
    Working humidity <90%,No condensation
    Size 8 x 10.7x 3cm
    Weight 300g

    1). Main Unit. H.264 HD HDMI Encoder
    2). 1x Power adapter DC 12V
    3). Operating Instruction manual

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